Experience & specialization in industrial paints

RESTREET INTERNATIONAL is an industrial company whose main activity is the design, production and marketing of paints specializing mainly in Road Markings, Sports Grounds, Epoxy Flooring and Industrial Paints.

Our production processes, combined with a highly trained staff, guarantee products of excellent and consistent quality.

At RESTREET INTERNATIONAL we offer a wide range of products to cover any project in the public or private sector.


Compliance with the most demanding durability and performance standards!


Expertise, knowledge and innovation are key factors for us to be able to offer high quality solutions to meet all requirements.

Using technologically advanced processes combined with the highest quality materials, our products are designed to comply with the most demanding standards of durability and performance.

Through a “personal” collaboration we analyse the initial conditions (available machinery, type of project, weather conditions, etc.) in order to provide the best technical advice based on the needs of each project.

Whatever project you undertake, our company is committed to helping you to ensure its successful completion.


RESTREET INTERNATIONAL has earned a remarkable reputation in its sector, mainly due to its strong customer-oriented approach as well as its consistent consistency in the quality of its products.

Our vision as a company is to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and achieve a leading position in our industry, leaving our footprint both locally and internationally.

Corporate social responsibility

We are setting new standards. We are making our roads safer.

Do you have a project?

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