Road Marking Paints

MARKING COLORSRoad Marking plays an important role in traffic safety. Highly visible markings help create optimal driving conditions for drivers, ensuring the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.

This is particularly known to be a problem in dark and wet conditions and is of course a huge factor when it comes to road safety. The problem with barely visible lines is the result of several factors. One of them is the use of low quality products that may have a high initial reflectance, but fade quickly over time leaving roads with markings that do not meet recommended standards. RESTREET INTERNATIONAL products are highly reflective at night on all types of road surfaces and in all weather conditions.

RESTREET INTERNATIONAL’s road marking colors meet the requirements for maximum traffic safety, durability and efficiency. Separated in:

  • one-component acrylic paints,
  • one-component acrylic paints based on water-soluble resin,
  • two-component layering cryoplastics,
  • two-component spray cryoplastics.

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